The IACP Center for Social Media Web site contains a host of no-cost resources and technical assistance services to help your agency create, enhance, and maintain your social media presence.

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Case Law

Here you will find information on federal and state case law that has implications for law enforcement and social media. A brief summary is provided and you can follow the link to read the full opinion. This should not be considered a comprehensive list.

The IACP does not offer legal advice and encourages you to consult your city attorney or appropriate legal counsel about the impact on your agency or jurisdiction.

Case Studies

Law enforcement agencies all across the country are using social media in innovative and exciting ways. The IACP Center for Social Media has brought together a series of case studies to highlight these agencies and illustrate how they have overcome challenges, engaged their personnel and their communities, and used social media to enhance various operations.


The Frequently Asked Question section of this site will help to answer general questions about social media and guide you to more information.

Fun Facts

The IACP Center for Social Media has pulled together a series of fun facts that provide insight into worldwide social media and Internet use.

Glossary Terms

As you surf through the IACP Center for Social Media and other social media sites on the Web, you may come across new terms, or old terms with new meanings. All this social media jargon does not need to be confusing, and this glossary will provide you with definitions to clarify these new terms.


The IACP Center for Social Media brings together materials ranging from fact sheets to informative articles that can help guide decision making and enlighten law enforcement personnel on various aspects of social media.

Tools & Tutorials

The IACP Center for Social Media has developed a collection of screencasts, guides, and videos. These resources serve as tools and tutorials to assist law enforcement personnel seeking to create, enhance, or maintain their social media presence. The tools and tutorials are organized by platform.

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