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The IACP Center for Social Media continues to provide new content to keep law enforcement apprised of social media developments. Here you will find an archive of enhancements and additions to the site.

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Massachusetts State Police

The Massachusetts State Police (MSP) is dedicated to providing safer roadways, to reducing crime through investigations, to providing education and patrol services to the community, and to providing professional leadership and resources during natural disasters and critical incidents.

Colonel Timothy Alben also has a Twitter account, Facebook page, Instagram account, and a blog.

Other authorized MSP accounts include:

Office of Media Relations, Lieutenant Dan Richard Twitter account;

Social Media Specialist, Trooper Dustin Fitch's Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram accounts; and,

The State Police Office of Media Relations also maintains a news blog for all press releases.

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Changing of the Social Media Guard, Sort Of

For the past six years, I have learned, led, shared and at times even foundered in my drive to find the best possible ways to use social media to advance the mission of the Richmond Police Department and engage with the community.

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